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Totally free Web Page Design Software

Free web page design software has been rumored about for decades. Does it exist?

I am often asked this question also to answer it, lets make sure people and I are about the same page. What do we mean by pagina web design software? Is it software in which:

You can work with within a "Word" document and transfer to another site? You can only use on a particular site? Allows you all the many items you will have to have a successful website? Will allow you in order to "pack up and leave" one internet hosting company and set up shop at another? All of the above are available absolutely free. The problems arise when you want some flexibility. There are all types of reasons why you intend to maintain your freedom plus the free software puts people in chains.

An example? Three of the most usual free web page design software products are at Squidoo, Hubpages and Word Press. These are all fine companies, but I will give you an illustration of this what happened at Squidoo a year or so ago.

Many people had utilized paginas de diseño and hosting to create legitimate businesses dedicated to weight loss. This is a very competitive niche which is all perfectly legal. One day, the gods that handle Squidoo decided that they had way too many pages on weight loss and closed thousands of them down with not many days warning.

There was no controversy, no pleading your case in case you were going to loose hundreds and possibly thousands of hours of one's work. There is another large disadvantage to using free sites making use of their free web page design software that is the branding you get with one of these sites in the eyes of the search engines. They want to see sites which may have top quality content.

For some reason, the search engines usually heavily favor the sites which are built by someone that is paying the usual small fees for web hosting and so on. They view free sites as harboring precisely what is called "shallow content" which can be content that may take up a great deal of space, but doesn't say a lot.

It costs a lot of cash to develop software. A web hosting company wants to be known for stability with 100% up period. This also costs a ton of money, but it is the backbone of what you want to build. You want your web site to: