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Getting work done in the Chalets of L . a . Tania

It's a dream for most people to work in ski chalets. La Tania and places think it’s great are winding down because winter 2010-2011 ends, but companies have already begun recruiting for following winter. A season working within the snow is a great way to experience a job that carries plenty of responsibility, while also being a fantastic way of meeting fresh people and having sparetime to develop your own skiing or snow-boarding.

What the job requires

Working in the aquileres baratos at La Tania means being in a professional, high quality environment. The primary consideration is always to provide a great support for guests, making sure their be is memorable - for all your right reasons. Chalet staff need in order that guests have a even experience, providing them with invaluable local knowledge as well as a friendly, approachable demeanor.

Working in La Tania

There is always an abundance of work to be done around the chalets. La Tania is a great place to start a chalet career. As part of the Three Valleys network, staff and visitors are right in the center of the action with an excellent variety of skiing accessible. La Tania is also a rather new resort, meaning it has an alternative atmosphere to its more established neighbors.

Requirements for the job

To work in the actual casas en la playa , La Tania companies will require their employees to possibly be EU passport holders. An EU driving license can be a stipulation as well. Being able to drive can be quite useful in the mountains and are frequently an asset to employers seeking chalet staff. For insurance purposes, many employers actively hunt for potential employees who are over 21 years of age. Catering or hospitality skills are held in in particular high esteem, as employers will know that they may expect a high standard of work using their company new recruits.

French language skills can also be highly sought after, for obvious reasons. Strong skiers with understanding of the local area are always sought after, especially if they have previous connection with chalet holidays and know what guests expect from their particular stay.